Professor Dieter Mack

Professor Dieter Mack

Dieter Mack (*1954) was born in Speyer/ Germany and studied composition, music theory and piano in Freiburg. After various lectureships, he taught music theory in Freiburg from 1986 – 2003, and from 2003 until now composition at the University of Music in Lübeck. 

In 1978 he started to study Balinese gamelan music and since then he has spent altogether more than 10 years in Indonesia, including a long-time lectureship at UPI Bandung from 1992 – 95 and further ethnomusicological research for music education in Indonesia. He was head of the DAAD music selection committee from 2007 – 2019 and also head of the music advisory board in the Goethe Institut from 2009 – 2016. He is vice-president of the university for international affairs. 

As a composer, he writes mainly for ensembles and orchestra with a focus on percussion instruments. As an author, he publishes on intercultural issues.

Vice President, 

Musikhochschule Lübeck