Music Matters

30 August 2019

Music is an ever-evolving language that carries the cultures that unite us. This final evening of music focuses on the theme of communication and celebration through theatre, songs, and swing…

“Hollarei duljo” – How to Yodel? Back in the distant past, yodeling was used in the Central Alps by herders calling their stock or to communicate between Alpine villages. Today yodelling has become important again it provides the simplest form of communication for which a Wi-Fi connection is not necessary.

Georges Aperghis’s ‘Retrouvailles’ 2 percussionists combine music-making with theatrical comedy elements where syllables and phonemes are understood by the performers but not the audience. This collection of situations appears real but in fact belong to a surreal universe constructed around onomatopeias and gestures.

Jonathan Day’s ‘Rainstorm Discotheque’ is a shifting and experimental collective of musicians and artists. Jonathan is ”an artist who, whether through the experience of travel or through deep contemplation of his surroundings, has come to terms with his place in the world, and it is utterly beautiful.” His work has been described as ”Seductive, complex and poetic” and ”Scratching at the transcendent.”

Kusimanten, a trio from Austria brings Alpine folk music into the new century. From chamber music to jazz and various folklore, fusing the musical traditions of Western and Eastern Europe and throwing a little funk and pop here and there for good measure.

In the second part of the evening, Dieter Mack will conclude the festivities by conducting the energetic and enthusiastic PGVIS Big Band with a series of unique pieces exploring various cultural identities from different countries such as ‘Brazil’, ‘Night in Tunisia’, ‘Jersey Bounce’, ‘Ngotek’ by Dieter Mack and ‘Amnesia’, a new composition for Big Band by Chudalux Pinan.


“Hollarei duljo” – How to Yodel?
Kusimanten & PGVIM Students

In Memory, a Crossing of Great Seas
Vin Whyte & Gloria Yehilevsky

Jonathan Day
Gloria Yehilevsky
Shiyi Li

Georges Aperghis

Moritz Koch, Percussion
Alejandro Sarriegui, Percussion

Tamara Lukasheva, Vocal
Marie-Theres Härtel, Viola
deeLinde, Cello


Hit the Ground Running
Gordon Goodwin

Stevie Wonder
(Arranged by Peter Herbolzheimer)

Dieter Mack

Chudalux Pinan

Stolen Moments
Oliver Nelson
(Arranged by Paul Murtha)

Jersey Bounce
E. Johnson/ T. Bradshaw/ R. Plater

Ari Barroso
(Arranged by Axel Ster)

Night in Tunesia
Dizzy Gillespie
(Arranged by Michael Mossman)

Jonathan Day
Gloria Yehilevsky
Shiyi Li
Studio Musikfabrik
PGVIM musicians

PGVIS Big Band
Dieter Mack

Suchunya Tanvichien

Supak Wittayanukulluk

Alto Saxophone
Nitiruch Junsiri
Dunyavat Thanakornchai
Yanisa Siribunchongsak
Thanatorn Sereethanawong

Tenor Saxophone
Nantawat Laojaroen
Nuntawat Jongpermpoonsup
Kaetmongkol Janthasri

Baritone Saxophone
Phanuwat Thaisuepchat

Natchanon Kongnoon
Suchol Nintawong
Pheeradon Phimsuttikul
Wazin Chaiprasert
Kunakorn Busbong
Jakarin Kaewwiangchan

Tenor Trombone
Piya Phoomala
Apisak Porncheewangkun
Sornchai Chankaew
Thakool Kanjanapiboon
Passakon Punaeym

Bass Trombone
Pratiwat Promthong

Piano/ Keyboard
Kansiree Chirawattanaphan
Dhornpacharapun Poolsri
Sanpetch Sibsiri
Anak Buiharn

Patidta Atiwattananggoon
Methas Suwannasarsak
Nattakit Dutsadeenititurm

Jirayut Thaolipo
Thummarin Sappawat

Jiravech Wiriyapisut
Pawit Jindakijprasert

Pakpoom Chaiklin
Krorawit Samerphon
Kunakron Saekow

Dieter Mack
Jean David Caillouët
Peter Veale
Anothai Nitibhon

PGVIS Bigband
Siravith Kongbandalsuk
Teerapoj Plitakul
Sakrapee Raktaprajit
Sakchai Charoensuksanan
Natchanon Kongnoon
Pheeradon Phimsuttikul

Kusimanten Workshop
Chanyapong Thongsawang
Puntwitt Asawadejmetakul

Thitima Suksangjan
Chaimongkol Wiriyasatjaporn
Chamamas Kaewbuadee
Apinporn Chaivanichsiri
Tuchawong Sirisawat
Selina Jones
Khongchai Kreesuradej
Kawirat Saimek